Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siglo Maduro VI Review

Wrapper: San Andres Morron
Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan
Price: $6.00 - $7.00

Over the past couple months, I became a fan of the Siglo brand, but never came across the Maduro line. So about a month ago, I found a cigar shop in a small shopping center that I had never been to before. From the outside, I didn’t expect to find much. Once I walked in, there was a fantastic selection of cigars. Along the back wall I spotted a box of these, with only a few left. So naturally I had to grab some to try out.

The dark brown wrapper is very smooth and oily. There are no thick veins throughout the wrapper either. The cap is perfectly flush with the wrapper, as well as being the exact same shade. This stick is very solid with a softer, box-pressed foot. This stick gave off an odd aroma, almost smelled like dried fruit. The cut was very clean, and was very easy to light.

Upon lighting this cigar, the flavors were very earthy and woody. There was a mild spice that formed about an inch into the stick. Shortly after the spice comes into play, a powerful black coffee flavor builds. Throughout the remainder of the first third, the black coffee and earthy flavors were strong and prominent.

The mid-section of this stick took a turn. The flavor became almost leathery. There was also a sweet chocolate flavor that was coming out every once and awhile. There was still a strong black coffee flavor, but it wasn’t as strong as it was in the first third. Shortly after the halfway point, some subtle hints of oak came out and the spice was still very mild.

The last couple inches were a little stronger than the rest of the cigar. The spice picks up a bit, but it was still very earthy. The oak became a bit stronger and the coffee flavor seemed to mute a little bit.  In all, the finish was very flavorful.

The ash on this stick was a darker shade of gray, and nicely layered. The ash held on for about two inched at a time. The burn was wavy at times, but it seemed to even out a bit. The draw was very easy a produced a good amount of thick gray smoke. The thick smoke gave off a very earthy, but nice, aroma.

This cigar was good, but it is no match to the natural line. This cigar packed some good flavor, but nothing was exceptional. It was a nice medium bodied smoke that I think some people will really enjoy. I give it a 7 out of 10.


Zack the Stogie Man

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