Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Robusto Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Havana Seed
Filler: Central American Blend
Price: $10

As a huge fan of the Diamond Crown line, the release of this cigar was highly exciding. The only problem with this stick, to me, is that it is exclusive to Diamond Crown Lounges. There are none around me that I could easily get to. So when the opportunity finally arose for me to grab a couple, I jumped all over it. I finally had the chance to try the stick I have been waiting on for the past several months.

The cigar has a medium brown wrapper that appears flawless. There are no veins, no spots, and a perfectly flush cap. The cap is made up of several evenly laid layers. This stick is also very solid. There is not one soft spot throughout it. The cut was very clean, and the light was very easy as well. The pre-light aroma of this stick is very woody and earthy.

When I finally lit this one up, there was a nice spice and a good amount of oak up front. Shortly after the light, more flavors started to enter into the picture. I started picking up a few nutty notes that were quite nice and complimented the spice and oak greatly. I was also getting a nice mild sweetness in the background. The sweetness was mild, but just enough to hit the tip of my tongue every few puffs.

By halfway, the flavors mellow out a bit and the flavor profile becomes very earthy. The woody notes pick up quite a bit as well. The spice dulled down, but there was still a good balance of flavor. Throughout the middle section of this stick, the wood and nutty notes were the main stage, and the spice and sweetness were in the background.

The last couple inches were very creamy. The flavors became very smooth and the earth tones completely take over. The flavor stays very nice while the wood and nutty notes combine to offset a little bit of the earthiness. The finish had a little bit more spice to it than the rest of the stick, which lead to a fantastic end to this stick.

The ash on this stick was a medium shade of gray that easily held on for an inch and a half at a time. The burn was even throughout the entire stick, and the draw was flawless. The draw helped to produce a great amount of thick and creamy smoke that gave off a nice, sweet and earthy aroma.

I absolutely loved this stick. If you are familiar with the other Diamond Crown products, this is a great midpoint between them. It isn’t as mild as the original, and isn’t as strong as the Maximus. If you have a Diamond Crown Lounge in your local shop, I highly recommend you pick one of these up. You surely won’t be disappointed. I give this stick a 9.5 out of 10.


Zack the Stogie Man

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Zach. Diamond Crown Julius Caeser are very special cigars and we are very happy that you enjoyed this one. We appreciate the support!