Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bolivar Gold Medal Review

At least the weather prior to yesterday was nice. It gave me the perfect time to do a few reviews since the weather was going to be so bad this weekend. Yesterday was a great 33 degrees and full of winter weather, not quite the ideal weather for doing a review. I can handle reviewing in the cold, but getting hit with and ice, snow and rain mix isn’t the best time.

Well on Friday I review this cigar. The gold wrap on it covering the cap makes this cigar appear very elegant. This is the first thing that I noticed, Once I took it off, the light brown wrapper was flawless. There was not a single vein or a spot of a different shade. The cap was multiple layers and flush. The only flaw that I saw was on the foot. There was a slight crack in the wrapper and binder. Overall this cigar was solid. The cigar cut clean and lit with ease.

Upon lighting this cigar I noticed the very light and earthy flavors. There was a good amount of woody notes, especially a sweet cedar undertone. This flavor stayed very consistent for the first couple inches. The earthy notes were very strong, but that sweetness of the cedar made the flavor profile very nice. A couple inches in, there was a mild spice that came out to compliment the earthy tones. Just shy of the halfway point, there was a feint chocolate note in the background.

At the halfway point, the flavor picks up quite a bit. The earthiness picks up and becomes overpowering to some of the other tones. The cedar is still there, but it isn’t a strong as it was in the first half. The spice finally picks up a little bit and sticks to the palate. Along with the spice on the palate, there was a little bit of leather that attached to the palate as well.

The finish was very nice. The earth and wood notes worked perfectly together and the leather on the palate was nice as well. The mild spice brought everything together for an enjoyable flavor profile.

The ash on this cigar was darker gray and nicely layered. The ash actually held on for an inch and a half at a time. The burn was quite disappointing. Upon the ash falling off, I noticed a hollow strip that appeared to run a good length of the cigar. This missing strip caused the cigar to burn very uneven and made me touch it up a few times. The cigar finally evened out in the last two inches. The burn was a little tight, but as the cigar progressed it got a little easier. The smoke was a thick white color that gave off a very earthy aroma.

This cigar was pretty good. I would smoke it again, but I would just want it to burn a little more even. This mild - medium bodied cigar is one that I think most new smokers could start with,. I give it a 7.25 out of 10 because of the construction issues.


Zack the Stogie Man

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