Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emilio Cigars Grimalkin Torpedo Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $7.00

This is a cigar that I have been trying to find for some time now. Not only did the name draw me in, but I have heard great things about it. I met the owner of Emilio Cigars a couple weeks ago at an event in Delaware and it was then that I decided I needed to try these. So this past weekend I strolled into a cigar shop, and they had a lone box of these. I had to grab it and give it a try.

The cigar looks delicious. The wrapper is a medium shade of brown. There are quite a few veins but none of them were thick enough to concern me in any way. The stick is very solid with a nice spongy foot that made it very easy to light. The torpedo cut very clean and I was ready to enjoy this stick. The pre-light aroma was very sweet and earthy, so this made me even more interested to get started.

There was a mild spice right off of the light. Along with the spice, there were some nice earthy notes came out as well. Once the earthy notes came out the spice picked up. But just as quickly as the spice picked up, it dies back down. There was a nice, sweet honey flavor that was lingering in the background. This flavor stuck to my palate, which was nice.

About a third of the way in, the cigar mellows out quite a bit. The flavor profile becomes much more earthy and some wood notes come out. The wood was mainly cedar which took over as the sweetness. There was also a little bit of a tart flavor that came out. The best way I could describe this was a tart citrus flavor. By halfway, the earthiness kicks up even more and the sweetness almost goes away.

The finish of this stick was great. There were some strong woody notes and a little bit of spice. The flavor actually becomes a little bit toasty. There was very little sweetness left in the last couple inches, but the rest of the flavors were great. The earthiness and wood notes led to a very flavorful finish.

The ash on this one was a medium shade of gray and held on for a inch and a half at a time. The burn was perfectly even throughout. The draw was very easy for a torpedo. And the smoke was very thick and white. The nice, plentiful smoke gave off a very earthy aroma.

This is a fantastic cigar. It started out as full bodied, but it mellowed out as the cigar progressed. It ended as a medium bodied cigar. I recommend this stick to those who like flavorful, medium to full bodied cigars. I give this one a 9.25 out of 10 hands down.


Zack the Stogie Man


  1. Deliscious cigar, perfectly made, complex, loaded with subtleties. Enjoyed the review.
    Were you at the Delaware Festival? Drop me an e-mail or DM if you get a chance if you don't mind.

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