Sunday, September 25, 2011

Camacho Triple Maduro Review

Wrapper: Honduran Maduro
Filler: Honduran Maduro
Price: $11.50

I received this cigar is a trade earlier this month. I have been planning on reviewing this cigar for some time, its just a little to expensive for me, so it kept getting passed over. But once it was sent to me, I felt it was time to finally review it. This cigar is unique in the fact that every bit of tobacco in this cigar is maduro, usually cigars only use maduros as the wrapper. I knew this cigar was going to be great before I smoked it because maduros produce great flavor. How could this much be bad?

This cigar looks great. It is almost black. There is no thick veins throughout the entire leaf, which is always a great thing. The cigar itself is very solid, there is no spongy or softer spot throughout the entire stick. The cap appears to be oversized, it looks as though it comes about a half inch down the cigar.  The maduro wrapper gives off a very sweet pre-light aroma.

The flavor was fantastic immediately. It dished out a nice helping of spice and chocolate instantly. Shortly after the light, the spice mellowed out  and allows some wood and other sweet notes to open up. As the cigar progressed, the smoke just got creamier, which let to a good amount of flavor to be left on the palate. There are a few bits of coffee notes that kept popping up every once and awhile.

By halfway, the spice came back a little bit more. But there was a little bit more chocolate and coffee flavors. Everything balanced out perfectly to create a great flavor profile. The spice never overpowered the rest of the flavors. The finish was very complex with notes of earth, wood, chocolate, and coffee. Every flavor was picked out relatively easy.

The ash was a medium gray with little bits of brown. The ash was very solid and  held on until the halfway point. The burn was uneven at first, but it eventually evened itself out. I think this was due to the wind, but either way it wasn’t bad for long.  The draw was flawless and a great amount of thick smoke was produced. The aroma was very nice with bits of spice and sweetness coming out.

I really enjoyed this one. I heard mixed things about it, so I had to judge it for myself. Was it the best cigar I ever smoked? No, but it was definitely a great cigar. This isn’t for every cigar smoker though. It packs a little  punch because of the strong tobacco used. But it isn’t overly strong, which is a good thing. I have to give this cigar a 9 out of 10 because I enjoyed everything about this stick.

Until next time,

Zack the Stogie Man


  1. Great review! Always wondered about this cigar and now I think I am going to pick some up!

  2. Thanks for the review I'm ordering a box in a few days. Can hardly wait!!!