Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill Review

This week has been absolutely beautiful. Between the 70 degree weather and daylight savings, i have been able to review a little bit more. When i got home from work on Monday, I went through my humidors to find something great to smoke and review to celebrate this fantastic weather. This cigar was sitting right on top, calling out to me. I couldn't resist it.

The only flaw I saw in this cigar, was a little chip in the wrapper. But I cant hold that against the cigar because it happened during transit. But, the wrapper is very nice looking. It is a medium shade of brown and ridiculously smooth. There were a few thin veins, but they were nothing for me to worry about. The cigar itself was a little soft, which had me a little uneasy because I was afraid it may burn crooked. The cap on this cigar is perfectly flush and consisted of several layers. It looked like three separate layers made up the cap. As i looked over this stick one last time, i noticed just how strong the sweet and earthy smell was coming off of this stick.

Once I lit up this cigar I was hit with a very strong earthiness immediately. As I slowly burned this cigar, some light spices came through. Once the spice came out, so did some strong wood flavors. The spice quickly mellowed out which gave way to some creaminess. This flavor combination stayed fairly consistent until I smoked down to about the second third.

Once there, the flavors became very toasty. There were some mild notes of toast and nuts. There was still a very nice earthiness, which acted as a great base flavor for all of these notes. The spice that was still remaining added some nice accents to the wood and earth notes.

Once I got to the halfway point of this cigar, I started to pick up some light coffee flavors. Just when I thought the flavors couldn't get any better, some more creaminess came out with the coffee. Now there is a combination of coffee, cream, and spice that just seem to be swirling together.

As I came to the end of this cigar, the spice picked up a little bit more. Along with the spice, the woodiness picks up as well. The finish was absolutely amazing. The creaminess of the smoke just added so much to this cigar. There were just a ton of earthy flavors that made this cigar great.

The ash on this cigar was a medium shade of gray, but surprisingly strong. The ash, although flaky, held on until about the halfway mark. The burn was a little wavy, which I was scared about because of how soft the cigar was, actually evened itself out. The draw was very easy and produced a thick gray smoke. The smoke was so strong that the earthiness was very prominent in the aroma.

This cigar certainly did not disappoint me at all. If you get the chance to try one of these, please do. It is a medium bodied smoke that would be perfect for all cigar smokers. I give this one an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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