Monday, March 5, 2012

Genuine Counterfeit Pre-Embargo Cuban Edition Limitada 1958 Maximo Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Price: $4.50

Several months ago I was gifted this cigar from a friend. I pretty much forgot about it in my humidor for quite a while. He reminded me about this cigar last week and I felt bad that I hadn’t reviewed it yet. So after I talked to him, I went through my humidor to find it. Once I found this cigar, I put it right on top so I knew it was next in line to be reviewed.

This cigar has a very dark brown wrapper with a couple veins that run through it. There were a couple of small chips in the wrapper, but they were nothing I had to worry about. The cigar was pretty solid overall, but there were a few soft spots throughout it. The cap on this cigar was made up of two layers that both were perfectly flush. The smell that came off of this cigar was sweet and earthy.

Once I lit up this cigar, I was expecting some nice spice, but there wasn’t any right away. The initial flavor was strong coffee and some woodiness. As this cigar slowly progressed, the coffee flavor continued to pick up. After a dozen puffs or so, the light spice notes finally came out. Overall the flavor profile stayed very smooth and creamy.

By about an inch or so into this stick, the flavor changed over to a strong earthiness. The coffee notes remained pretty strong, which helped to dilute the woodiness quite a bit. As the first third slowly wraps up, the spice picks up a little bit more.

As I move into the second third of this cigar, there seemed to be a slight leathery flavor that built up on palate. The coffee flavor actually subsided a bit, and the woodiness came out strong again. There was still a nice accent of spice, but it wasn’t too strong. As this section of the cigar rounds out, the creaminess of the smoke picked up quite a bit.

The last couple inches had a very nice flavor, but the overall body mellowed out. The woodiness and earthiness picked up quite a bit while the spice was almost completely gone. The last couple inches were full of great flavors and subtle notes. The combination of wood, earth, and coffee made up the majority of the ending flavor.

The ash on this cigar held on for about two and a half inches, almost half way through this cigar. The ash was also a medium shade of gray with some lighter and darker spots. The burn was pretty even throughout. There were a few times were it canoed, but it evened itself out. The draw was a little tight, but it really wasn’t bad. The draw produced a very thick white smoke that gave off a strong earthy aroma.

This cigar started off right around the line between medium and full, but as the cigar finished up, it was a solid medium bodied smoke. I was actually surprised as how this cigar performed. I really wasn’t expecting too much, but it wasn’t bad. I think this cigar deserves a 7 out of 10.

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Zack the Stogie Man

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