Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroon Edition Petit Corona Review

Wrapper: African Cameroon
Filler: Cuban-Seed Nicaraguan
Price: $5.00

The reason I am review this cigar right now if for two reasons. The first reason is that it is a limited edition cigar, so I don’t know when I would get the next opportunity to smoke one. The other reason is the shop I got this one at is hosting a Perdomo event on September 16th. Xhale Lounge asked me to review this Perdomo in particular because of its amazing price tag, and the fact that it is new to the shop.

This petit corona appears flawless. The smooth Cameroon wrapper is a medium shade of brown with a perfectly flush cap. The stick itself is solid. There was not a single soft spot or vein throughout the entire cigar. The Cameroon wrapper gave off a very grassy yet sweet aroma.

The flavors were very robust right off the start. There were a couple flavors that struck me right away. There was a subtle spice and a mild sweetness off the light. These flavors altered very quickly. The sweetness picked up and the spice died down. As the cigar progressed, I was met with a mild sweet cedar flavor that stuck to my palate.

Shortly after the cedar came in, there was also a slight bitter coffee undertone. The coffee wasn’t strong by any means, just enough to compliment the cedar nicely. Towards the halfway point, the flavor became very leathery. Once the leather flavor came in, the coffee notes picked up.

The finish was great on this cigar. The earthy notes picked up, the spice picked up, and the cedar notes became much stronger. The combination of flavors was great. All the flavors molded together perfectly.

The ash on this cigar was surprisingly strong given the size of the stick. It held on until the band and was a medium shade of gray. The burn was very even and slow. This little cigar lasted a solid hour. The draw wasn’t bad at all. The smoke was thick and creamy and was light gray. The aroma was slightly spicy and earthy but nice nonetheless.

This is a cigar that I wish wouldn’t be a limited edition. This cigar has a great price point and a great flavor profile. it’s a solid medium bodied cigar that I would recommend. Considering its only a 10 count box at $5 a piece, it’s a great box to give a try. I give this one an 8 out of 10.


Zack the Stogie Man

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