Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graycliff Turbo Review

Wrapper:  Habano grown in the San Andres Valley
Filler: Cuban Seed, Long Leaf Ligeros from Nicaragua
Price: $13.00

This is one hell of a cigar. This thing is a 6” x 60 monster. The wrapper was very sweet smelling and sweet tasting but lacked in construction. It had a few cracks and splits in it, but never peeled or flaked off. The smell of this cigar reminded me of cedar right from the start.

Once I lit up this behemoth, the flavors came out immediately. I was hit in the mouth with strong cedar flavors as soon as I toasted the foot. Every puff became sweeter and sweeter. Once I got about a dozen puffs in, the flavor became a little more earthy and peppery. The pepper hints weren’t too strong, but they were there. Towards about the end of the first third, the flavor started getting a bit nutty. But the cedar overwhelmed every other flavor.

As the second third gets underway, the cigar becomes a bit toasty but the cedar flavor get even more powerful. The pepper notes goes away for the most part, and only comes through every few puffs. Towards the half way point or so, I started getting mild cocoa notes. The combination of the cocoa with the cedar my sound weird, but it tasted amazing. The earthiness was still there but it wasn’t amounting enough for me to say it was a prominent flavor like the cedar was.

The last third was amazing to say the least. There was seriously a bundle of flavors I was finding. I started tasting hints of vanilla. The combination of cedar, cocoa, vanilla, and nuttiness were just so powerful, that it left me wishing the cigar was just starting.

The ash on this cigar was something to take in. It was not only one of the whitest ashes I have ever seen, but it was ridiculously strong. It held on until easily the half way point, then I didn’t ash again until I put the cigar out. The aroma was clearly cedar. It smelled as though I lit a fireplace using only fresh cedar. It was great. The draw and burn were great as well. The was little to no effort at all needed for the draw, and the burn was even all the way through.  The smoke was very thick and creamy and loaded with flavor.

This cigar has been sitting in my humidor for about a year, and I am guessing it aged perfectly. The flavor was amazing all the way through. The only problems I had were with the construction. It seemed like some it wasn’t packed too tight in some spots. And also the wrapper had several flaws with it. But to me, those are minor in the scheme of things here. So I have to give this stick at least a 7.75 out of 10.

I highly recommend this stick.

Enjoy your smoke,

Zack the Stogie Man

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