Sunday, May 8, 2011

Diesel Shorty Review

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro
Filler: Nicaraguan tobaccos from the Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli regions

Price: $4.50

This cigar just looks awesome. It measures only four and a half inches but packs a sixty gauge. Under no circumstances should the length of this cigar point you away from this stick. The initial flavor is a spicy delight, yet very earthy, and the aroma off the bat tingles the nostrils. The smoke is a dark gray shade with subtle hints of brown marbled through the smoke.

The first third of this cigar was very interesting to say the least. The flavor was very earthy, with mind cinnamon-like undertones. Also I was getting little bits of chocolate throughout the smoke. The taste was also very sweet on the palate, leaving a creamy film on the roof of my mouth. The subtle notes of cinnamon and chocolate are just swirling together beautifully making this cigar a real pleasant smoke.

Just before the bands, the flavors tuned themselves down a notch, and a mild coffee flavor comes into the picture. The combination of the coffee and chocolate was amazing, add in the cinnamon zing, and you have a really unique stick.

Towards the end of the second third, and into the last third, I started getting little bits of charred wood coming through that was very smooth. Towards the last inch or so, the spiciness come through again that had pretty much diminished throughout the midpoint of this stick. The chocolate flavor diminished to give way to the spiciness again.

Now given the gauge of this cigar, the ash was very heavy. But surprisingly the ash was freakishly strong and stayed on until the half way point of the cigar. It fill off because I pealed the bands off a shook the cigar a bit. I'm sure if I took them off before I lit it up, it would have gone much further.

The aroma was great throughout the entire smoke. It was very consistent with hints of the chocolate coming through every once and awhile. And obviously, the flavor was great.

Unique in every characteristic, but only minor flaws with canoeing, and with the draw, so overall I'll give this stick a 8.5 out of 10.

Enjoy my friends,

Zack the Stogie Man


  1. This is one of my fav cigars.

  2. One of my favorites. Got one in a trade and haven't looked back. Ordered a box of them the next day. I never really did pick up a cinnamon taste, but now that you mention it I think I might have, and simply overlooked it. Definite chocolate-coffee notes though, which I absolutely loved. I used a punch on mine, like I usually do on larger ring gauges, and didn't seem to have a problem with the draw at all. Might have just been the stick.