Sunday, May 8, 2011

Man O War Puro Authentico Review

Wrapper: Habano Ligero
Filler: Nicaraguan Long Leaf Ligero

Price: $7.00

First off, this cigar has a very unique appearance. The foot of the cigar wasn't cut clean and the tobacco on the foot was folded over the fillers. And the other end ad a little twist like a pig's tail. The pre-lite smell of this cigar is absolutely amazing, the smell is just delicious. And the first taste on the lips was very spicy, but in no way was unpleasant.

Once I lit the stick, the cigar was very strong. Not just the regular full body strength, more like a "punch you in the mouth" kind of strong. The draw was great, producing a great deal of smoke.

The first third was very peppery. Throughout this entire first few inches, I could feel the spice lingering throughout my mouth. I could tell already that this was seriously one of the strongest cigars that I have ever had. This cigar is amazing already, it almost felt like the spiciness coated my mouth with the flavor.

By the second third the spice it hitting me in the back of my mouth hard. But the flavor calmed down a little bit. After the spice calmed down, subtle earthy hints entered into the picture. The earthy flavor was a bit of a cedar flavor. By the halfway point of this cigar, the ash was still holding on very strong and was a nice charcoal color. Right around the mid way point the spiciness mellows out a bit more but the the earthiness and the mild spice combined perfectly for a delicious smoke.

Toward the end of the stick, the flavors were pretty much the same since the halfway point, very consistent, and still had the perfect balance of flavor.

The smoke was very full and flavorful, a true delight to smoke. The ash was strong throughout the entire stick. The aroma was completely amazing. I could easily smell the spice in the smoke, as well as the sweetness of the tobacco chosen for this cigar.

If you think that a little corona cigar can't pack a punch, you are mistaken. If this tobacco combination was rolled into a Churchill sized cigar, I most likely would not be able to walk after smoking it.

This cigar is hands down a 9 out of 10. And I cant wait to get my hands on another one.

Your Stogie Man,

Zack the Stogie Man

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