Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oliveros King Havano Oscuro Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Triple-Fermented Oscuro
Filler: Ligeros from different regions throughout Nicaragua

Price: $5.00 - $7.00

Now I have found out over my years of having a stogie here and there that most Oliveros makes a very good cigar, although highly underrated.

Having said that this cigar had an appearance that drew me in right away. The wrapper was the perfect shade, and the smell and texture were amazing. Not to mention that the band on the cigar was very cool looking. The cigar had a very nice cut, no peeling, and no splitting at all.

Once I lit it, it had a relatively hard draw, and the wrapper had a slightly spicy flavor on the lips. Once it was lit, the aroma was very amazing, very fragrant and sweet. But surprisingly there were no prominent flavors at the start of the stick, just a basic tobacco flavor with a very slight peppery flavor.

Once I got through the first few inches, and towards the start of the second third, the cigar got very smooth with hints of sweetness throughout the smoke. The smoke left a very sweet aftertaste on the palate that I enjoyed immensely. Even with all of this sweetness, there was still a slight pepper taste to even out the flavors. Once the cigar burned down to just about the band, I started tasting subtly hints of wood, which in my opinion, is a good taste to have in a cigar.

Towards the start of the last third, the sweet flavors became very robust, and even more enjoyable. Every flavor throughout the entire stick combined at this point for one of the most unique and intriguing flavor and aroma I ever encountered in a cigar.

The further the stick burned, the easier the draw got. The aroma was very consistent throughout the entire cigar, and it wasn't potent by any means. And the ash on this stick was very strong. If I didn't have to put the cigar down, the ash could have easily have gone to the half-way point.

Overall this cigar finished very good. The flavors were great, and the aroma was pleasant. This cigar also raised a question to me... What wrapper do I like better? Maduro or Oscuro?

8 out of 10

Until next time,

Zack the Stogie Man

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  1. Have you come to a conclusion on which you like better?