Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ashton VSG Illusion Review

Wrapper: Dominican Sun Grown
Filler: Dominican
Price: $9.50

I have been asked several times to review the VSG. One of the reasons being that I like full bodied cigar and sun grown wrappers. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine sent me one to review. So now that I had my hands on one, I couldn’t refuse it. The reason I never reviewed it before was honestly because it never crossed my mind to.

The Virgin Sun Grown wrapper is dark brown with a couple very thin veins. The cap was perfectly flush and double layered. The cigar itself is very solid with a slightly softer foot. There is also a very sweet smell coming off of this cigar. Its almost like the smell of sugar and vanilla. The cut was very clean and this cigar required no effort to light.

As soon as it was lit, there was a nice helping of spice. There was also a good amount of wood that started to enter the picture. Right after I picked up the wood notes, I started getting a good amount of earth as well. The peppery spice actually started to stick to my tongue, which is not a bad thing at all.

About an inch into this stick, there is a very slight bitterness that starts to form. Once the bitterness starts, the peppery spice begins to die down. With the spiciness mellowing, there was some room for a sweetness to come out and compliment the earthiness.

The middle part of this cigar is where the flavors started to really develop. There is a nice coffee flavor that evolved out of the bitterness. The smoke is still woody with the pepper accents, but the sweetness is diluting them a bit. The sweetness isn’t very distinct yet, but every few puffs I get that sugary flavor. By halfway, the spice is the mellowest it has ever been. But right around the midpoint, there is a nice nuttiness that enters.

The last couple inches were simply fantastic. The sweetness finally becomes distinct, and resembles vanilla. Vanilla makes sense because I could smell it before the cigar was lit. The pepper flavor picks right back up and works great with the sweetness. The wood and earth tones moved more to the background, but are still major accents. All in all, the finish was very flavorful and complex.

The ash on this cigar was almost white and held on for about an inch and a half at a time. The burn was perfectly even throughout. The draw was very easy and produced a thick white smoke. The smoke gave off a very earthy and spicy aroma.

What can I say about this stick that hasn’t been said before? Probably nothing. This stick is fantastic and could easily be in my top five favorites now. This cigar deserves nothing less than a 9.25 out of 10


Zack the Stogie Man

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