Sunday, November 6, 2011

God of Fire by Don Carlos 2007 Robusto Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Filler: Dominican
Price: $20.00

 A couple weeks ago, this cigar was sent to me. As soon as I received it I figured it would be the perfect cigar to review for my birthday. Since today is my birthday, I woke up nice and early to light this one up. I couldn’t think of a cigar that would be more unique to review than a God of Fire. This is one of the cigars I have been trying to find for some time.

The wrapper is dark brown and oily. There is one vein running the length of the cigar that is a little thick. The cigar is very solid. The cap is perfectly flush. The only flaw I see with this cigar is that there is some extra glue that is visible around the bands and cap. The cigar gave off a sweet and spicy smell. This stick cut perfectly clean and was very easy to light.

As soon as I lit up this stick, there was a very pleasant light spice. Shortly into this cigar, there was a good amount of sweet cedar that forms as well. There was some strong earthy tones that came out  that were very flavorful and complex. By about an inch into this cigar, the spice mellowed out. There is a little bit of sweetness that forms. There were nice hints of chocolate and coffee.

Right around the halfway point of this fantastic cigar, the wood notes picked up. There was a little bit more spice that came out. This was one of the first cigars I have had that a strong cinnamon flavor came out. There was a pepper and cinnamon combination that was very unique. The cedar flavor built up a little bit more and the chocolate flavor is back and sitting on the tongue. The finish of this cigar was mind-blowing. There was a creaminess, earthiness, sweetness, and spiciness. There was nothing more I could ask for out of this cigar,

The ash was light gray and nicely layered. The ash half on until the halfway point of this stick. The burn was even throughout the entire cigar. The only downside to this stick was the draw. The draw was a little tighter than I expected but it wasn’t too bad. The smoke was very thick and white, almost with a slightly blue hue to it. The aroma was very earthy and spicy.

This cigar was fantastic. The flavor was perfect and complex. I would recommend this cigar to everyone who has a special occasion to celebrate. But this cigar is full bodied. So it may be a little strong for the occasional smoker. I give this cigar a 9.5 out of 10.

Thank you,

Zack the Stogie Man

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