Monday, April 9, 2012

Payne-Mason Reserva Selecta Torpedo Barber Pole Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade and Dominican Corojo
Filler: "Complex Combination"
Price: $19.00

A couple weeks ago I received this cigar in the mail unexpectedly from one of my readers. I personally had never heard of this company prior to receiving the cigar. I put this cigar in my "to review" humidor and forgot about it for a couple weeks. I forgot about it because it was in the glass tube that it came in, and it was under a couple other cigars. I got a message from the person who sent it to me to see when I was going to get to it. When I got home from work I grabbed it and reviewed it right away.

This is the first time I have ever reviewed a barber pole wrapped cigar so I was interested in seeing how things would go. The Connecticut shade wrapper is very light brown, almost tan, while the Dominican corojo wrapper was a medium shade of brown. The cigar was so smooth that I couldn't feel any of the seams where the wrappers met. The torpedo cap was very smoothly wrapped as well. The cigar was solid all the way through and gave off a very earthy smell.

As soon as I lit up this cigar the spice popped out immediately. There was also a very strong creaminess. The combination of the spice and creaminess worked well together because they balanced each other out. After a few puffs some nice coffee tones started to come out. Once the coffee notes were fully developed some toast notes started to form.

Once I smoked down the first inch of this cigar the spice seemed to mellow out quite a bit. Once the spice mellowed some strong earthy tones as well as some woody tones picked up. The coffee notes became much stronger as well. The first third was full of flavor and very enjoyable.

The second third contained quite a bit more spice. The spice built up enough that it coated my palate. There was still a very strong combination of toast and wood that made up the base flavor. The creaminess and coffee tones combined perfectly to accent the earthy background.

By the halfway point the cigar had completely balanced out. The creaminess picked up quite a bit more and dulled down the spice so that they were on an even level. The toast flavor had disappeared and left the woodiness and earthiness to pick up and form a great background.

The last couple inches were fantastic. The spice came back a little bit more and the coffee notes picked up as well. The flavors were strong and perfectly even throughout the finish. All of the flavors just worked perfectly together. After I finished this cigar, the combination of spice and wood were left on my palate.

The ash was a light to medium shade of gray and held on until about the first band. The burn was a little wavy at the start but it evened out after about the first inch. The draw started out pretty tight, but it eased up as the cigar progressed. There was a very thick white smoke that gave off a strong earthy aroma.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. Overall the flavors were fairly consistent, but the flavors were so complex that it wasn't a bad thing. It kept me interested the whole way through. I understand that this cigar has a high price tag, but if you can find this cigar, I recommend trying it. I know they are available on their website. I give this cigar a 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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