Friday, April 20, 2012

Jose Llopis Robusto Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Nicaraguan
Filler: Panama
Price: $6.00 - $7.00

A few weeks ago I met the representative for Panama Caribbean Tobacco and we talked for a little bit. He then sent me a few cigars to try out and review. Another one of the ones he sent me was the Mad Dog Cigar that I reviewed a couple weeks ago.

He asked me to review this one next because he said there wasn't a review of this cigar yet. So I was told I was going to be the first person to review this cigar. I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

The Connecticut shade wrapper on this cigar is a very light brown shade. The cigar is very smooth to the touch with only a couple very thin veins running through it. This cigar also features a closed foot which made it very easy to light.

The cap was made up of only one, perfectly flush layer. The cap was also twisted on the end like a shirt pig tail. The cigar itself is solid all the way through and gave off a very earthy smell.

As soon as I lit this cigar up, the flavors just jumped out. There was a very strong earthiness immediately, followed by a strong woodiness. As this cigar progressed, I noticed that there was a nice sweetness on the draw. The combination of the woodiness and the sweetness started to mold together to create a nice cedar flavor.

About a half of an inch into this cigar there seemed to be a light peppery spice that formed. The combination of the pepper and cedar was absolutely amazing.  The entire first third was very smooth with a ton of flavor.

Once I got down to the second third, there was a little bit more spice that started to form. The cedar flavor was still very nice and strong. I didn't think that more flavors would come out, but some light coffee notes started to form. I was amazed at how complex this cigar was at the halfway point.

The halfway mark of this cigar is where everything started to come together. The earth, cedar, pepper, and coffee tones all were present within every puff. The coffee and cedar notes were building on my palate while the pepper and earth were on my tongue. Towards the end of the second third, the spice and earth started to pick up a little bit.

The last couple inches became very creamy and even smoother. All of the flavors were still there but now the earthiness and pepper seemed to be the main flavors. The cedar and coffee tones seemed to dull down to more of an accent. The finish was very smooth and very nice.

The ash on this cigar was a marbled combination of light and medium shades of gray. The ash actually held on for two thirds of the cigar. The burn was even all the way through, and the draw was very easy. The draw produced a thick gray and brown smoke that gave off a very earthy aroma.

This cigar is newly resurrected cigar that will hopefully be coming to your area soon. I highly suggest grabbing a couple of these if you see them. As far as mild cigars goes, this one really surprised me. I would consider it a box worthy cigar. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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