Friday, April 13, 2012

Camacho Connecticut Toro Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian
Filler: Honduran and Dominican
Price: $7.00

This is a cigar I received several months back as a gift. I honestly forgot about it until i was craving a milder cigar, which is a rare occurrence. I have had good experiences with Camacho cigars in the past so I instantly grabbed this one. It was towards the bottom of my humidor where it has been aging for at least the past six months, possibly even longer.

I first had this cigar about a year ago, and it was very good then. I am excited to see how the age on this cigar is going to change the profile.

The one think I do like about Connecticut shade wrappers is just how smooth they are. A downfall to them, is that they can be very thin and delicate. This one was flawless. Its light brown color would have shown the slightest imperfection, but I didn't see any.

There were several thin veins that ran through this cigar that were noticeable, but clearly would not have affected the burn pattern at all. The cap was perfectly flush with the rest of the cigar and was composed of three separate layers. Another thing I noticed was how solid the cigar was throughout, and that the smell was very sweet. I couldn't pinpoint what the smell was, but it was very nice.

Once I cleanly cut this cigar and lit it up I was a little taken back by the flavor. Like most of the mild cigars I have smoked, I was hit with the strong earthy flavors. But this time I was hit with a strong nuttiness as well. There was also a strong pepper flavor that came out, but it mellowed out after the first half inch. Once the pepper mellowed out, the flavor became very creamy with the earth and spice coating my palate.

Once I smoked through the first inch, the nuttiness really started to pick up and take over. Then it was met with strong toast notes. The spice had mellowed out so much that it wasn't noticeable in every puff. The earthiness and creaminess stayed strong throughout the first third.

By the second third a little bit of the spice came back, but it was met with a slight honey-like sweetness. The sweetness never really got too strong, but it mellowed the spice a bit. The creaminess actually picked up even more and took over completely.

The halfway mark is right about when this flavor popped. The creaminess and earthiness worked perfectly together to form a strong base flavor. The pepper was completely gone, but the sweetness remained to accent the earthiness. The toasty flavors mellowed out more to an accent as well.

The last third was great. The toast flavor and earthiness were the two prominent notes. The toast seemed to coat the palate while the honey-like sweetness stuck to my tongue. I cant emphasize how smooth the finish was because it was that good.

The ash on this cigar was a medium gray shade mixed with a little bit of brown. The ash held on until right around the halfway mark and was nicely layered. The burn was even all the way through the cigar. Drawing on this cigar was absolutely effortless and produced thick clouds of smoke. The smoke was a medium shade of gray and gave off a very earthy aroma.

This mild to medium bodied cigar was very smooth, with very smooth transitions. This may be one of the best mild cigars I have ever smoked. I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar, and I would consider it a box-worthy mild smoke. I give this cigar a 8 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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