Thursday, February 9, 2012

Trinidad Robusto Extra Review

It’s not very often that I get to smoke a cigar like this, but when I do get the chance, I have to wait for the perfect day to enjoy it. Well this past weekend was actually quite nice. When I realized that it was a good day to smoke some cigars, I went into my humidor and grabbed a few nice cigars for the day. Around lunch time, I decided that I wanted to give the Trinidad that has been sitting in my humidor for several months a try.

The medium brown wrapper on this cigar looks absolutely flawless. There is a nice twisted cap on this one as well. It’s not a pigtail, just a little twist. There were a couple very small veins that ran through the wrapper that looked a little like stitching. The cigar itself is sort of spongy, but it wasn’t soft enough that I was worrying about it. The cigar had that distinctive Cuban smell and yes, it was very nice. Once I cut this cigar and noticed how clean the cut was, I knew I was in for a treat.

Once I lit up this cigar, I was greeted with a very smooth and earthy flavor combination. The flavors slowly molded into a very mellow grass and wood profile. There was a little bit of spice that came out around an inch in or so, but to match the spice there was a light sweetness as well. The earthy tones are simply great in this cigar. As the first third comes to a close, there sweetness comes out a little more and helps to dilute the earth a bit.

As the second third started, there was a little more spice that came out. But just as the spice started to pick up, the earthiness did as well. The earth stayed strong for the next few inches. After the spice and earth picked up, the sweetness mellowed.

Around halfway through this cigar, the spice mellowed down. The woodiness and earthiness were now both at their strongest. With the spice mellowed out, it became a very nice accent to the wood and earth. Also, by now, the sweetness was completely gone and only the wood, earth, and spice remained.

The last third of this cigar really picked up. The cigar is now a fuller body with much more power. There was a little bit more spice now than there was at any point earlier. As you probably guessed, the cigar is still very earthy and very woody.

As this cigar came to a close, the flavors were just great. It wasn’t too complex, but the flavors I was getting worked perfectly together. The traditional Cuban flavors were there, but the subtle changes in spiciness and sweetness made this cigar quite enjoyable.

The ash on this cigar was a darker gray but only held on for about an inch at a time. The burn was a bit wavy, but it never got bad. The burn seemed to even itself out each time. The draw was a little bit tight, but it didn’t bother me because I was still getting thick clouds of white smoke out of this cigar. The smoke also gave off a very earthy aroma with hints of pepper.

Overall, I think this cigar met my expectations for it. By no means was it the best cigar I had ever smoked, but I would definitely consider having these in a regular rotation of mine, if I could get them. I feel that this cigar deserves a 8.5 out of 10.

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Zack the Stogie Man

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