Friday, February 10, 2012

Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie L40 Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $13.00

A few weeks ago I traded a couple cigars to get one of these because none of my local shops seem to be able to get Liga Privada cigars, or if they do, they can’t stock them for long. So when I received this cigar, I had a hard time keeping in my humidor because I desperately wanted to smoke it. This past weekend, I woke up early Sunday morning for no reason whatsoever and just really wanted to smoke this cigar. So I grabbed it and walked outback at around 7:30. The worst part about that was that it was about 30 degrees outside, but that wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying this cigar.

The dark brown Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper is very smooth and very oily. There are almost no veins running through this entire cigar. Given the size if this cigar, I knew it was going to be a solid cigar, and that is exactly what it was. There were no softer spots throughout the whole cigar. The cap sat perfectly flush and actually was made up of two layers. The smell coming from this cigar was very sweet and had a slight resemblance to cedar.

After the clean cut, I lit this cigar up and was met with a very full peppery spice right away. Behind all of the spice was a nice bit of woodiness also. After a few puffs, the spice mellowed out a bit and revealed a nice amount of earthiness that I didn’t get when I lit the cigar up. Also there is a little bit of sweetness that comes out as well.

By about an inch or so into this cigar, the spice mellows out a little bit more and leaves a great combination of the other flavors. The woodiness and earthiness completely take over the flavor profile. The sweetness and peppery tones add great accents the earth and wood.

The second third of this cigar is quite different than first. The cigar tends to have a more leathery complexion.  Once the leather comes out and picks up, the spice and leather combine on the palate. There is also a bit of bitterness, like coffee, that comes out as well.

Right around the halfway point of this cigar the spice really picks back up. The bitterness became very strong as well. There is an odd combination of pepper and black coffee swirling around. I’m not saying the combination was bad, just different. The spice is now alone on the palate, but it is now also on my tongue as well.

The last couple inches contained more sweetness, but it was still mellow. The good thing about the sweetness was that it helped to dull out the spice a little bit. The flavor remained very earthy and woody throughout the finish.

The ash on this cigar was very dark and held on for about an inch and half at a time. Given the thin ring gauge of this cigar, I was impressed with the inch and a half. The ash was also evenly layered. The burn was a little wavy at times, but always seemed to even itself out. The draw was a little tight, but that comes with the territory when you smoke thin ring gauges. Even though the draw was a little tight, I still got a thick white smoke out of this cigar that gave off a strong aroma with earth and spice notes in it.

This cigar is very full bodied, very strong, and very flavorful. As someone who has limited access to these cigars, I can honestly say that when I see some of these in stock, I will be grabbing some. If you are a seasoned smoker, give this one a try if you get the opportunity. I give this cigar a 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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  1. My experiences with these have been solid and an overall fun time to smoke. I didn't problems with the draw though that can be just because of a storage issue (these may like it at the lower rh than high). Solid review Zach!