Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Press Release: Cremo Cigars

"The original Crémo Cigar, an icon of early America and the most successful cigar brand of the early 19th century, made a commitment to providing their customers with value. The company which rose out of beautiful Manhattan, New York City attained the largest sales of any cigar in its class. The brand was also famously linked to musician Bing Crosby in the early days of Broadcasting Radio.

With a shift in the way cigars were made, factories moved south and all was lost... Now in the 20th century a new dawn awaits. After new buildings were built, and old ones were torn down, a piece of history remained. Now, that piece has been found. Walter Santiago, better known as "Lilo", a native New Yorker, decided that this amazing company, a staple in the cigar world, should rise from its ashes.

With the revival of Crémo, the tradition continues with taste and quality as well as class. This was found in El Titan de Bronze (ETB) cigar factory, makers of the "Redemption", which has scored 88 in Cigar Aficionado and 90 in Cigar Snob. Lilo, along with ETB owner Sandy Cobas and Master Blender Willy Herrera (now with Drew Estate), created an ultra-boutique cigar of masterful construction and excellent flavor.

The factory located in Miami’s famed Calle Ocho, known best for its old school Cuban entubado techniques, is a family owned and operated factory which employs level 9 rollers from Cuba, who have worked for Romeo y Julieta, Corona and Partagas.  These torcedores, like a painter to a canvas, handcraft each cigar with meticulous detail. 

The days of early Manhattan may no longer be here, however a piece of those glorious days is back!  With class, style, and innovation we present to you the new Crémo Premium Cigar."

Thank you to Walter Santiago for setting up this press release.

Thank you for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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