Monday, February 20, 2012

Tatuaje Cabaiguan Guapos Toro Grande Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $9.50

Since I had my first Tatuaje a few months ago, I have been trying their various blends every opportunity I get. Well about two months again, a friend of mine sent me this cigar I had very high hopes for it. Since Saturday was a long day to start, I needed to relax a little bit when I got the chance to. So I went to look at what cigars I had to review, and I found this one on the bottom of the humidor. So I figured I mine as well light this one up and see what it’s all about.

The broadleaf wrapper was a nice dark brown shade. The wrapper was also very oily with a nice shimmer to it. The cap on this cigar laid perfectly flush and had a small twisted end. The cap wasn’t a pig tail, just a small twist. There were a couple thin veins that ran through the wrapper, but none were bad. The cigar seems pretty solid on was side, and slightly softer on the other.

As I clipped this cigar, I noticed how clean the cut was, and that cigar has a very strong and earthy pre-light smell to it. One I lit this cigar up, I was punched with a strong pepper immediately. There were some nice wood notes that came out as well, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint what kind of wood I tasted. The earthiness of this cigar was very strong right away as well.

As this cigar progressed, the flavor profile became quite bitter. The bitterness continued to build up as I slowly smoked this cigar. I didn’t completely mind the bitterness because it drastically changed the flavor profile, but at times, it got a little too strong.

As I rounded into the second third of this cigar, the woodiness and earthiness both picked up. The woodiness tended to lead more towards a pine taste which was completely unexpected. The strong spice that was there in the beginning finally mellowed out a little bit. Once this cigar got to the halfway mark, the bitterness was very strong and took over the flavor profile.

Throughout the finish the bitterness remained strong. The pine notes went away and gave way to some oak notes which was good because I could focus on that more than the bitterness. The earth was still strong but not like before. And the spice was still pretty light. As I finished up this cigar, I noticed just how strong it was. The only bad thing with the flavor was the excessive bitterness.

This cigar had a few construction issues. The burn was very uneven all the way through because there was actually a hollow strip that ran the length of the cigar on one side. I gave this cigar a couple touch ups to correct the burn pattern, but it just canoed again.

The ash held on for about two inches at a time and was a light to medium shade of gray. The draw was very easy, but it didn’t produce much smoke at all. The thin smoke that was produces was almost white and gave off a strong wood aroma.

This is the first Tatuaje I really didn’t enjoy. Usually I don’t want the cigar to end, but this one just didn’t appeal to me much after the first third. I can only give this cigar a 6 out of 10. Hopefully I had a bum stick, and next time I smoke this cigar it will be a much better experience.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man

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