Monday, January 2, 2012

Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2006 Piramide Review

When I received this cigar as a gift a few months back, I knew I had to save it for a special day. I also knew that I had to review this cigar. I was planning on reviewing it on Christmas, but time and weather really did not allow it. So when I woke up on New Year’s Day and realized how perfect of a day it was, I had all the reasons I needed to smoke this cigar. I have only heard great things about this cigar, so I was as anxious as I have ever been to light this one up.

The wrapper was a medium to dark shade of brown with a very nice and oily shine to it. There were absolutely no veins running through the wrapper which made the cigar very smooth. The stick was pretty solid all the way through. The torpedo cap was perfectly flush and solid which made the cut perfectly even and clean. There was an earthy sweetness that I smelled on this cigar. I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly, but there was a definite sweetness.

As soon as I cut and lit this cigar, the first couple puffs exceeded every expectation that I had. There was a great earthiness with a nice mild spice that accented the flavor. After about a dozen puffs or so, there were some great coffee flavors that came out. The coffee flavor stuck around for quite a while.

Just when I thought the flavor couldn’t get any better or any more complex, I was proven wrong. The earthy tones started blending with some sweet accents. Now the flavor profile has just about every flavor I enjoy in a cigar within the first inch.

By about the one-inch mark, some nice light wood notes came out. Once the woody notes came out, the sweetness disappeared. The spice remained, but it wasn’t on the same level as it was when I lit up this cigar. Just shy of the second third, I was picking out some nutty notes that were clinging to my palate.

The second part of this cigar completely blew me away. The flavors were just amazing. The earth was still strong, but what really intrigued me were the accent flavors. Each flavor was very distinct and accented perfectly. My palate had a couple flavors sticking to it. The woodiness and nuttiness both were there while the spice was sitting on my tongue. Right around the halfway point of this cigar, the sweetness came back. Right around this time, some creaminess forms and takes over the wood and nuttiness on the palate.

The last couple inches were a perfect wrap-up for this cigar. There was a little more spice than earlier, but the wood notes picked right back up as well. The coffee notes stuck around for the entire cigar, and were even more robust in the last couple inches. The only thing I can say about the finish on this cigar is that it was amazing in every way.

The ash was a medium shade of gray and was nicely layered for about two inches at a time. The burn was pretty even throughout the entire cigar. The draw was perfect and never got tight at all. The smoke was very thick, white, and full of flavor. The smoke also gave off an earthy and slightly sweet aroma.

The only problem I have with this cigar is that I will most likely never get to smoke one again. This cigar was perfect in every way. The construction was flawless and the flavor was exquisite. By far, this is one of, if not the best cigar I have ever smoked. What a way to bring in the New Year. 10 out of 10 is an understatement for this one.

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Zack the Stogie Man

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