Monday, January 30, 2012

Crowned Heads Four Kicks Robusto Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $7.60

The first time I purchased these cigars was completely on suggestion. I was over in Center City and stopped in Holts. While I was there, I met the General Manager and he showed me some of the newer cigars that they got in. He showed me these cigars first. When I picked it up, they looked flawless. So before I left the store to go walk around the city, I grabbed a few of these. Since then, they have been in my regular rotation.

The wrapper is what initially drew me into this cigar. The wrapper is a medium shade of brown and is very smooth. Upon inspecting this one a little further, I noticed there were no thick veins running through the entire wrapper. The cap is also placed perfectly flush on this cigar. All the way through this cigar, I couldn’t find a single soft spot. From cap to foot, the cigar was solid. There was also a very earthy and sweet smell coming off of this cigar.

Upon easily lighting this cigar, there was a nice spice. Along with the peppery flavor, there was a strong earth tone that set up a perfect background flavor. The spice quickly mellowed and gave way to some very nice and strong wood notes.

By about an inch of the way into this cigar, the flavor profile was mainly all wood and earth. The woodiness quickly coated my palate. The very mild spice that was still present worked perfectly with complimenting the strong wood and earth tones.

The middle section of this cigar was quite different than the first couple inches. Now there was a slightly sugary sweetness that came out. Now instead of just the spice adding a little accent, there was also a sweetness that complimented the wood notes. Right after the sweetness came out, the spice picked up quite a bit. The spice wasn’t as strong as it was in the beginning though.

By halfway the cigar became very creamy. The creaminess added a whole new accent to the earth and the spice, both of which were very powerful. Now that there was this creaminess, the sweetness was gone.

The end of this cigar was definitely the strongest couple inches of this cigar. The spice picked up strong but it still wasn’t a full bodied cigar. The creaminess picked up as well so dilute the spice a slight bit. The woodiness and earthiness are still both strong and remained on a constant level throughout the entire cigar.

The ash on this cigar was a darker shade of gray and held on for about two inches at a time. The burn was a little wavy, but it wasn’t bad at all. The burn always seemed to even itself out. The draw was surprisingly easy and produced a very thick white smoke. The smoke gave off a very earthy aroma as well.

This was a great medium bodied cigar that is loaded with flavor. This has easily become one of my favorite cigars, and is definitely one of my go-tos. I highly suggest this cigar because it blew me away. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Zack the Stogie Man

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  1. Interesting review. I've only had the pyramide and it was pretty spicy throughout. I would say a solid med-full. I do agree with you on the "go-to" cigar. My only problem is they don't have them in town. Luckily, Nashville isn't too far away!