Thursday, January 12, 2012

Padilla Artemis Toro Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $11.00

I first learned about this cigar browsing through one of the many cigar magazines out there. After further research on this cigar, I learned that Padilla has a solid background. I knew that they had some good cigars out there, like the Miami, but haven’t had many of them. When I had the opportunity to pick up a couple of these, I knew I really couldn’t go wrong with it. So I bought three of them. After smoking the first one, I quickly went back to buy three more of them so I would have a decent supply of them.

This cigar looks simply amazing. The most obvious thing is the box press. The press gives this cigar perfectly rounded and even corners. The wrapper is a nice medium brown shade with a slightly red tint to it. The wrapper is very oily and very smooth. There is only one thin vein running along the side of the cigar. When you think about a solid cigar, this cigar is up there. This stick has no soft spots throughout it. The cap consists of two layers, both of which lay perfectly flush.  The smell of this cigar is very sweet as well, almost like aromatic pipe tobacco.

Upon lighting up this cigar, I was quickly introduced to a mild spice with some good earth tones. This flavor combination lasted for the first few puffs. Then, all of a sudden, I was greeted with some very sweet honey notes on the draw. Just when I thought the flavors couldn’t get more enjoyable, a good amount of oak flavor comes out and quickly builds up on the palate.

By about an inch into this cigar, the smoke becomes very creamy and the spice picks up a little bit. Now the strong oak and earthy tones are both building up on my palate while the spice is sitting on the back on my tongue. After about an inch and a half or so, the sweetness just disappeared.

By the second third the cigar really mellowed out. The flavors are still pretty similar to the first third, but now there was a little bit of nuttiness. With the flavor winding down a bit, the spice lessened to more of an accent to the oak and earth. Those two flavors still combined nicely on my palate.

The last few inches were unlike any other part of this cigar. There was actually a good amount of coffee notes that came out. The creaminess picked up a little bit, which worked out perfectly with the coffee notes. The oak notes continue to pick up and build on the palate.

The finish was very good. The spice came back a little bit, but now it just wasn’t a peppery spice. Now there was a mix of pepper and a little bit of cinnamon. The wood and earth tones stayed fairly consistent throughout the entire cigar, while the accent flavors just made everything pop.

The construction was a little disappointing. The ash, as you can see, split right down the middle and was a bit flaky. The burn pattern was a bit wavy at times, but it usually evened itself out. The burn problems may have been due to the vein. This cigar also burned very slow, lasting almost two hours. The draw was a bit tighter than I am used to, but it was bad at all. This cigar produced a fair amount of thick smoke with a light gray and brown color combination. The aroma, had a very strong woodiness to it, but had a bit of sweetness combined in it.

If this cigar had a better construction, it would have been rated a lot higher, but the three I have smoked have had similar problems. However, the flavor is that good, that I want to have this one in my humidor for a while. I give this cigar an 8.75 out of 10.

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Zack the Stogie Man

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