Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alec Bradley MAXX "The Fix" Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Filler: Colombian, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Mexico

Price - $7.00

Before I get too into the description of this cigar, I just want to say that I have been waiting for the perfect time to smoke this cigar, because I had a feeling it was going to be a strong cigar. And it was a medium to full bodied smoke.
Well once I cut the cigar and took a pre-puff to feel the draw, I knew it was going to be a quick smoke. The cut led to very minimal peeling, and the draw led to an effortless smoke. The fact that the draw was effortless, made me enjoy it that much more.

The flavor of his cigar was well, not amazing to start. There was a strong general tobacco flavor. Usually you can get a good earthy taste out of a maduro, but this one didn't have that much to offer early on. Throughout the first half of the cigar, I was getting subtle hints of coffee and cocoa, but as I said, they were just getting overpowered by the tobacco flavor.

But, after the first half, the "flavors" came out to play. The general tobacco flavor subsided to just being the little hints, and the coffee and cocoa stole the show. Then on top of that, there comes the toasty flavor I love so much. Now this cigar just earned a bonus point. Down to the last third of this stick, the flavors got ridiculously strong and warm, mainly due to how fast the stick burned.

On the other side, the aroma was very strong and overwhelming. If you have ever heard someway say "That cigar smells terrible," this is the strong aroma they were talking about. I on the other hand don't mind it, but the people around me, informed me how strong is smelled.

The smoke was surprisingly and I was taking puff after puff once the flavor got a little more complex. And the ash was beautiful. It was very light and didn't fall off until I went and flicked it off.

Due to a stem in the wrapper, there was slight canoeing during the first half, but after that, if fixed itself, and continues to be an even burn for the remainder of the cigar.

Overall, I would give this cigar a 7 out of 10. I wouldn't go run out and buy a box any time soon, but if I came across one again, I would pick one or two up just to have on hand for another day in my back yard sitting around the fire pit (which would hide the aroma).

Until the next ash,

Zack The Stogie Man


  1. I have always wanted to try one of these, being a bit of an Alec Bradley fan. Never saw one at the shop, and it was never in an enticing enough sampler.

    Some fair warning. While I never would have thought it by looking at it, the 5 Vegas Gold had everyone around me complaining about the smell. It has some good ratings and reviews, but reading your reviews, it doesn't sound like your kind of cigar anyway.

  2. Ive had one of the 5 Vegas Golds before, they arent bad if Im busy and just fell like having one. But the cigars I put on here are ones I want to sit down and enjoy.

  3. The smoke is enjoys a full flavored and full bodied smoke. The flavors are buttery and creamy with a really spicy and peppery finish.

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  4. When you think of quality and perfection then look no further than alec bradley. Alec Bradley Maxx The Fix is
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