Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viaje Satori Nirvana Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andreas
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $11

This cigar features a dark brown wrapper that is very smooth and oily. The cap is very smooth and composed of multiple layers. The cigar itself is solid throughout with not a single soft spot. There a really no veins running through the entire wrapper. There is also a pretty sweet smell coming from this stick.

Upon lighting the cigar, I got some strong coffee and earth tones. There was also a little bit of spice in the background, but not too much. As the cigar slowly progressed, some new flavors emerged. I was greeted with some cinnamon, chocolate, and oak tones.

An inch in the leathery tones started to form on my palate. The profile was very smooth and the pepper slowly started to fade. There was still a very sweet and coffee background. Toward the end of the first third the profile become more woody.

The second third of this cigar involved a complete takeover by the sweet and wood notes. There was very little spice left. The profile was very creamy and balanced. This was when the strong earthy and woody background really started to shine.

By halfway the leather and pepper seemed to pick up a little more. There was really no sweetness left and the coffee had mellowed out to a light accent. The leather and wood stayed prominent throughout the second third.

The last couple inches completely spin around again. The coffee was very strong again and the sweetness came back on the draw. The oak flavor was the definite main focus now. Every other flavor seemed to accent perfectly. What a great flavorful finish.

Ash: Medium gray, flaky at times
Burn: Uneven at times due to a small void in the filler. Couple touch ups.
Draw: Very Easy
Smoke: Thick, light gray
Aroma: Very woody and earthy

Very complex and flavorful cigar with smooth transitions. If not for the small void in the filler, this cigar would have been stellar. Highly recommend this full bodied cigar. 9 out of 10


  1. I wish some of my local stores carried Viaje sticks!

  2. MisterBastahrd has been waxing poetic about these for some time. With your review stating the same thing I think I'll have to add this to my (ever growing) wishlist.

  3. I've got this stick and a Satori Karma 2010 sitting in my humi just waiting for the right time to smoke. I think that time is coming soon!

  4. What in the world is going on with your ash in the last stick?
    I have a Viaje Holiday Blend aging I can't wait to try; looks like they make some quality sticks. Shame I've never really seen them around.