Monday, June 18, 2012

Mark's Own Cigars Short Filler Blast

This cigar featured a medium brown wrapper that was very smooth. The cap was composed of two separate flush layers. The cigar itself was solid with a slightly softer foot. There were really no veins running through the wrapper leaf. The smell coming off of this cigar was pretty sweet.

Once this cigar was lit up, there was a nice bit of pepper and earth. I was surprised at how smooth this short -filler cigar was. There was a little hint of sweetness that started to poke out after about an inch. Shortly after the sweet notes, a mild coffee flavor formed. Throughout the first half of this cigar the flavor stayed pretty balanced.

As i slowly moved into the second half the peppery spice seemed to pick up a bit. The flavor profile became much earthier and woodier with each puff. There were several accent flavors present. As the cigar wrapped up, the accent flavors were all over the place. There were coffee notes, sweet spices like cinnamon, and a bit of creaminess. Overall it was a pretty good finish.

Ash: Light to dark gray. Held on for about an inch
Burn: Even throughout
Draw: Little tight at first, slowly eased up
Smoke: Thick gray once draw opened up
Aroma: Very earthy

For my first review of a short filler cigar, this one was surprising. It wasn't bad at all. It lasted quite a bit longer than I expected. This cigar lasted about an hour. Overall not a bad cigar, but not great. 7 out of 10.

Zack the Stogie Man


  1. Interesting review sir. Where did you pick that up? Was it a trade? Glad to hear it wasn't bad.