Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Toro

Wrapper: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Price: $30.00

Well it is official, this will be the last review that will be publicly posted. Tomorrow I will be setting the website to private due to work. I thank everyone who has been reading my reviews over the past year.

I wanted to make the last public review. So I chose this cigar. I have heard nothing but praise about the Don Carlos line, so I felt it was fitting to make this my last public review.

The Dominican wrapper on this cigar is very light brown, only a shade or two darker than Connecticut shade. The cap is made up of three flush layers. The cigar itself is very smooth to the touch. There are no veins running through the wrapper leaf. The stick itself is solid from cap to foot with not a single soft spot. The smell coming from this cigar was very sweet.

Once I lit this cigar up i was blown away by how smooth the profile was. There was a little bit of earthiness in the background of the flavor profile. After a few puffs a light spice started to form. The combination of the earthy tones and the woody tones were outstanding. About a half-inch into this cigar some creamy coffee flavor started to come out.

About an inch into this cigar the spice picked up and really added a nice accent to the earthy tones. The profile was now very woody with a slightly sweet accent. There was a lot going on in the first third for sure. The creaminess of the smoke coated my palate quickly.

As I moved into the second third the coffee notes and creaminess were very strong. The peppery spice seemed to pick up a little bit more as well. The creaminess of the flavor profile completely coated my mouth around the halfway point. My tongue and palate were completely covered. Around this point, the sweetness picked up a bit as well.

The last third was absolutely delicious. The spice mellowed out and allowed the flavor profile to balance out perfectly. The coffee and oak tones combined for a perfect background flavor. The finish was absolutely amazing with a ton of flavor.

Ash: Light to medium gray. Held on for about two inches.
Burn: Little bit wavy, but not bad.
Draw: Very easy, little effort.
Smoke: Abundant and light gray.
Aroma:  Very earthy with little spice notes.

This is one amazing cigar. Is it worth the $30 price tag? I would say yes. Believe it or not, I would buy another one of these given the chance. Its a great celebration cigar and definitely worth trying. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 hands down.

Zack the Stogie Man


  1. Well, it seems that you have ended on a high note. Great review! I am (almost) tempted to get one now.

  2. Nice to hear when a cigar that expensive is actually worth it!

  3. I smoked one of these not too long ago, and I was not very happy. The burn was TERRIBLE, and the only flavor I got was black pepper on the back of my tongue. Then to make matters worse, I got a little nicotine sick then though I smoked two heavy cigars back to back the night before.

    I'm not going to pass judgement just yet, but I am kinda kicking myself for buying 5 of them.