Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amor Robusto Review

Wrapper: Mexican Cuban-Seed
Filler: Nicaraguan Long-filler
Price: $7.00

Having smoked several La Aroma De Cuba cigars, I felt it time to review this particular one. I have smoked the Mi Amor probably four or five times prior to this one, and each time it’s a great smoke. They were given to me a few months ago for helping someone out at a cigar event.

The cigar looks amazing. The box press is perfect, but because of the box press, the cigar is relatively soft compared to traditionally round cigars. The wrapper is chocolate brown with a couple thin veins that I know wont affect the burn pattern. And the wrapper smells ridiculously sweet and strong like chocolate.

Once this cigar is lit, a little bit of spice comes out, but it is quickly dulled. After a few puffs, a strong chocolate flavor and is very sweet. About a half inch in, the flavor shifts towards a more earthy tone with a sweet cedar base. After about another inch, the chocolate flavor comes back strong and the combination of the chocolate and cedar make up a great sweet flavor base.

Around the half way mark, the spiciness comes back pretty strong, and a good amount of the sweetness is gone. The chocolate flavor is almost nonexistent, but the cedar flavor is still there. The chocolate is chipped down to just a hint here and there. But the finish is great with the combination of the spicy notes and the cedar flavor.

The ash on this cigar was unique. With most of them it held on until the half way point. This one held on that far as well, but it had some odd marks to it. It actually had a split in in, not starting at the foot though. It was midway through the ash. After the half way mark, the ash became very flakey.

The burn was even for the majority of the cigar, there was only one small instance where I had to touch it up. The draw was flawless all the way through, which is always good. The smoke was thick and white, but not as much was produced as I prefer, but it was flavorful nonetheless. And the aroma was great and sweet.

Anyone that likes medium bodied cigars, I highly suggest this one to you. I enjoyed it every time I smoked it. And I feel this cigar deserves a solid 8 out of 10.


Zack the Stogie Man

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  1. From reading both LADC reviews, it seems that you like the regular one better than the Mi Amor. I have only had the Mi Amor, so I need to try the other one soon. Have you had the EE?