Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bolivar Edition Regional Benelux Fabulosos

This cigar has a very smooth light brown wrapper. The cap lays perfectly flush with the wrapper and is made up of several layers. There are only a couple very thin veins running though the wrapper leaf. This cigar appears flawless upon first inspection. The smell coming off of this cigar is very earthy with a hint of sweetness.

Right as I lit this cigar I was greeted with a sweet earthy flavor. There is a very faint spice that comes through after a few puffs. The sweet notes continued topic up with each puff. As this cigar slowly progresses the sweetness tends to mellow and allow a nice leathery flavor come out.

As I move into the second third the flavors all open up tremendously. There is a perfect combination of spice, sweetness, earth, and leather in each puff. As I move closer to the half way point the leather flavor starts to coat my palate. Pepper also picks up a bit more right at the halfway point.

The last third was even smoother than I could have imagined. The leather and earth tones took over completely and mellowed the sweet and spice tones down to perfect accents. Text finish on this cigar never got bitter or hot. It stayed smooth and flavorful through the very lat puff.

Ash: Darker gray, layered appearance, held on until halfway
Burn: Became slightly crooked at times but always evened out
Draw: Perfect amount of resistance
Smoke: Very thick light gray
Aroma: Sweet with some underlying floral tones

This cigar was great from the first to the last puff. Construction was perfect. The burn issue was mostly due to the wind, so I won't count that against the cigar. This cigar deserves nothing less than a 9 out of 10.

Zack the Stogie Man

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