Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Short Review

This cigar was sent to me a few months ago in a trade. I wasn't originally going to review this cigar because of its small, cigarillo-like size in length but has a ring gauge similar to a corona. But I recently started to do "quick reviews" on small cigars. You may recall that a little over a week ago, I did a quick review of the Jean Sibelius. This review is formatted in a similar fashion.

This cigar's maduro wrapper is chocolate brown and oily. There is a nice shine to this cigar. There were a couple thin veins running through this cigar as well. The cap was made up of three layers, two were flush and the top layer was a little rough.

There was a little extra glue on this cigar in several spots. Also there was a slight chick in the wrapper at the foot of this cigar. The cigar itself though was very solid and gave off a very sweet smell.

Upon lighting up this cigar, I was greeted with a nice amount of peppery spice. There was also a nice strong woodiness. The spice continued to build as this cigar progressed, but it was mainly on the draw. The woodiness was the main focus for the entire first third.

Once I smoked down to the second third, the combination of earthy tones and woody tones took over completely. There was still a nice amount of spice, but nothing like the first third. There was also a slight sweetness that came out. Throughout this part of the cigar, the woodiness was still the main focus.

The last third became slightly bitter with the introduction of coffee notes. The woodiness started to mellow out slightly and this let the coffee coat the palate and the spice to coat my tongue. The finish was very smooth and flavorful. Right around the end of this cigar, the sweetness started to come through a little bit more on the draw.

The ash was a medium to dark shade of gray. The burn has minor waves at times, but it never got out of control. The draw was a little tight but not bad, but it still produced a thick gray smoke. The smoke gave off a very earthy aroma.

For a quick cigar, this is a fantastic choice if you have the ability to get them. It is hard for a cigar of this size to be complex, but this cigar actually had some complexity to it. I give this cigar an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks for reading,

Zack the Stogie Man


  1. Hey Zack,
    Stumbled on your blog today while reading /r/cigars. Fantastic. What are the dimensions on this cigar? Looks delicious regardless.

    1. Well thank you. It was something odd like 4 3/8 x 38. Im not 100% but it was slightly smaller than a petite corona