Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Vegas Triple-A Review

5 Vegas Triple-A

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro
Filler: Nicaraguan Cuban-Seed, Long Leaf Ligero

Price: $5.00 - $6.00

Over my several years of cigar smoking, I have had just about ever cigar in the 5 Vegas "A" Series. The Triple-A was the last of them
for me to try, so I figured it was time to have one, and to see just how it stood out among the rest of the "A"s.

I could tell as soon as took this one out of the cellophane it was unlike any of the other cigars in the "A" series. The stick was completely solid, tightly wrapped and clearly oily. As I lit it, the draw was phenomenal. There was absolutely no struggle what so ever. The wrapper was deliciously chewy and from that moment on, I knew I was in for a treat.

The oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper was definitely a key in why this cigar led to such a great experience.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gurkha Crest Review

Gurkha Crest Torpedo

Wrapper: Connecticut Maduro
Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Price: $22.00 - $25.00

As you will learn, I am a huge fan of Gurkha cigars. I went into this particular stick with high hopes. Its not a cigar for the Average Joe just looking for an occasional cigar. If you are lucky enough to find this guy on a cigar store shelf, it will set you back at least $25, but I can say with confidence, you will enjoy it.

Let me start off by saying this, the cigar itself smelled absolutely amazing. And the cigar band was stunningly glorious on all counts. When I cut it, and saw how even the fillers were and how tight the filler tobacco was wrapped, I knew right then that I was in for a treat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gurkha Ancient Warrior Review

Wrapper: Brazilian
Filler: Dominican and Honduran

Price around $7.00 - $8.00

This isn't the first time Ive had an Ancient Warrior, I first had one back in probably 2008 or so. But since then I have upgraded my taste for fine cigars. So I feel it fitting to now take my love for a fine stogie and bring it to you by making regular entries on cigars i encounter.

The Ancient Warrior is indeed a fine cigar; its beautiful dark Brazilian wrapper adds a nice oily texture to the cigar, and its fantastic combination of Dominican and Honduran tobacco for the fillers combine for great flavor. The wrap was solid, there were no cracks, and no splits. Even the cut was amazing.